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Dtn 4

Vérifier le RGPD

  1. GDPR and regulations
  • How to verify that GDPR is followed?
    • How to verify that a circuit has been copied? Marking circuits
    • How to verify that an image/video has been copied? Marking images and video
    • How to verify an Electronic vote? https://up2.fr/contents/td/vote2012.ppt
    • How to verify in general: Randomness and Interaction
    • Automatic verification of RGPD: challenge
      • Not perfect, With high probability
      • Generate scenarios: keep track of all intermediate data
      • Proof that personal data were used, not erased,......
  • Verification pour les cryptomonnaies
  • Algorithms and explanations
    • Responsability in case of a problem
    • Explanations of a classifier: Decision trees and Neural networks
    • Parcoursup